Return Policy

Blaze Controller offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, please return your products for a full reimbursement to 480 River View Dr., Alpine, WY 83128

How does Blaze Controller wirelessly control my LED lighting?

Blaze Controller uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with the vehicle to control the lights. For example, you can control the main lights on the front of the truck by simply turning on your high beams or automatically turn on backup lights when you put the truck in reverse.

Do I need to mount any switches inside the vehicle?

No. Blaze Controller eliminates the need for wires or switches to be mounted inside the vehicle.

Can I use the factory accessory buttons in my current vehicle?

There is a very good chance you can use your factory accessory buttons in your vehicle to control the lights or change control modes. The Blaze Controller App offers a “Learn Mode” to use your factory accessory switches.

Why are there different modes for the lighting control?

The system is designed with safety as the biggest reason for buying the Blaze Controller. All drivers are used to using the high beam switch in their vehicle, so it is easy to find without taking your hands off the steering wheel. By changing modes, you can control different lights by turning on the high beams.

Which modes are available to choose from?

The Blaze Controller has the following modes built in to the app, but you can also design custom modes to match your lighting control needs. Highway Mode, Back Roads Mode, Off-Road Mode, Plow Mode, Reverse Mode, and user defined “Custom” Modes.

How do I control several lights with the same Blaze Controller?

Blaze Controller offers power splitters to control several lights with the same Blaze Controller (up to 30-amps per Blaze Controller).

Can the same light have different functions?

Yes. The same light can have different functions in different modes. For example, you could have several lights on the front of your truck turn on in Back Roads or Off-Road Mode but don’t turn on in Highway Mode.

Where does the Blaze Controller get mounted?

The Blaze Controller gets mounted between the LED light and the 12v battery.

Do I need a fuse between the Blaze Controller and the Battery?

Yes. You will need to install a 30-amp fuse between each Blaze Controller and the 12v battery. Blaze Controller offers a Power Block with fuse protection for multiple Blaze Controller installations on the same vehicle.

What kind of vehicle will the Blaze Controller work with?

Blaze Controller will work with any vehicle type that has an OBD-II port inside the vehicle. Every vehicle sold in the USA after 1996 has an OBD-II port. If the vehicle type is new to Blaze Controller, there is a “Learn Mode” on the app to access the proper information we will need from the vehicle to integrate with the Blaze Controller system.

What if my vehicle has an OBD-II port but you can’t capture the proper information to control my lights?

We can capture the information for all modern vehicles, but we are unable to capture the correct information from some vehicles manufactured before 2010. In that case, you have the option of buying a Switch Block from Blaze Controller to control your lights easily from inside the vehicle.

What type of lights will the Blaze Controller work with?

The Blaze Controller is designed to wirelessly control aftermarket LED lighting up to 30-amps. Halogen and HID lights similar to KC HiLites are also easily controlled up to 3,600 watts per Blaze Controller.

Can I control several lights at the same time?

Each Blaze Controller can controller several LED lights but only up to a combined 30- amps.

What if I would still like to use a switch other than the high beam switch to control the lights?

Blaze controller also offers a wireless switch block that can be mounted inside the vehicle for added control.

Can the Blaze Controller be used on my Side by Side?

Yes. In the very near future we will offer Blaze Controller for the off-road utility vehicle market.